Change your lifestyle with Fitßank and get Free Healthcare, Holidays, Gadgets, Clothing, Beauty Accessories, Groceries, DIY Gear etc.


High metabolic risk factors resulting from poor lifestyle account for 68% of annual deaths (56 million in 2012) worldwide


Research shows positive intervention in lifestyle is successful in mitigating the five metabolic risk factors* i.e. body mass index, blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and diabetes

Metabolic risk factors are considered leading indicators for Cancers; Cardiovascular and Circulatory diseases; Chronic respiratory diseases; Cirrhosis; Digestive diseases; Neuropsychiatric conditions; Mental and Behavioural disorders; Urogenital, Blood, and Endocrine diseases; Musculoskeletal diseases;

Lifestyle Change + Healthy Living : Longevity with Quality of Life + Money in the Bank

Live Long and Well, reaping Rewards of Lifestyle Change.

Impetus for Lifestyle Change with financial benefits.

Fitßank users implementing meaningful lifestyle changes, benefit by qualifying* to participate in daily competitions* to win prizes ranging from free air passage and resort stay at exotic locations E.g. Bali, Bahamas, Maldives, Phuket etc. to free smartphones, wearables, tablets and discounted mobile subscription plans, groceries and fuel.

Fitness & Healthcare

Fitßank users are not required to transform their lifestyles to become Olympic sprinters or Marathon runners. While we will be delighted for them, if they do, the expectation of every Fitßank users is to make positive lifestyle changes E.g. exercise (walking, jogging, running, cycling, workout at the gym etc.) regularly, consume healthy food, moderate alcohol consumption, hydrate regularly etc. Fitßank rewards it's users making positive lifestyle changes with free healthcare cover*, in addition to qualifying for participation in it's many daily competitions*.

Track Consumption & Excess

Fitßank enables it's users to track purchases and consumption to perform analysis on and identify calorific, nutrient and economic value of purchases. Fitßank also enables it's users to gain points* for purchases and gain even more points* for purchase of healthy food.

Analyse Fitness & Mitigate Injury with Preventive Exercise

Fitßank users have the unique and exclusive opportunity to integrate free wareables* from Sigmafit® that will enable them to analyse the under and over utilisation of the different limbs during the course of everyday life, as means of advanced predictive diagnostics to identify and highlight potential areas of future problems. This could enable users to implement the necessary action to either delay the onset or mitigate against diseases such as Osteoarthritis, Herniated Disc etc.

*Subject always to terms and conditions. Note the terms and conditions vary from competition to competition.

In 2012, the 4 main causes of death were cardiovascular diseases, cancers, diabetes and chronic lung diseases. These causes were responsible for 87% of all deaths in high income countries and 81% of all deaths in upper middle income countries.

WHO Fact Sheet No. 310
Updated May 2014

WHO Status Report
NonCommunicable Diseases 2014

The leading cause of death globally, NCDs were responsible for 38 million (68%) of the world’s 56 million deaths in 2012. More than 40% of them (16 million) were premature deaths under age 70 years. The number of NCD deaths has increased worldwide and in every region since 2000, when there were 31 million NCD deaths. The total annual number of NCD deaths is projected to increase to 52 million by 2030. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that globally we must reduce harmful use of alcohol, insufficient physical activity, salt/sodium intake, tobacco use and hypertension; halt the rise of obesity and diabetes; and improve coverage of treatment for prevention of heart attacks and strokes and access to basic technologies and medicines.

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